Birchsugar 1000x5 g

Birchsugar 1000x5 g
Birchsugar 1000x5 g
Birchsugar 1000x5 g
Birchsugar 1000x5 g
A good companion for the morning coffee or for holiday and the best alternative for health conscious restaurants, coffee shops.

- You can not oversweet your tea or coffee by using this small sachet.
- Elegant and practical solution for serving coffee, tea. Pack some sachets for holiday so that it is always at hand.
18 200 Ft
Discount: 16 510 Ft
Begin: 22/09/2021   While stocks last!
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Question about the product
Ingredients: 100% xylitol
Average nutritional value in 100 g
Energy 240 kcal/100KJ
Protein 0g
Fat 0 g
Dietary fibre 0 g
Carbohydrate 100 g
of which polyols (xylitol) 99,6 g
of which sugars 0,04 g

Less calory by 40% than in the average sugar, Awareness of tooth and oral care, Modern sweet, Reclosable, Easy usage, Recyclable, By purchasing this product you support Hungarian work places.

Product Information

The role of product in alimentation
• Less calory by 40% than in sugar
• Important role in the awareness of tooth and oral care*
• Glycaemic index 7
• Can be consumed by those who need to control their sugar consumption

More Information

Every step of the production from the processing of raw materials to the consumption of the final product is strictly controlled and tracked.

Xylitol based sweetener for alimentary use.

Its sweetening value is the same as sugar. In case we completely replace the sugar by xylitiol for snacks, meals and drinks, the original recipes can be applied without any modification. It can not be caramellized and is not able to activate yeast.
Recommended quantity in the trial period is 2 teaspons daily.

Store it in a dry and cool place.

Security information

Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect.

Pets must not eat it.

5 kg/db
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