Birchsugar 200 g

Birchsugar 200 g
Modern and natural sugar substitute with the same sweetness like sugar and without any aftertaste or taint. The best alternative to sweeten cookies, snacks, meals and drinks. In practical, reclosable packaging.

Kitchen Hints&Tips
- add some honey to it with a little water and the birchsugar can be caramellized
- let’s prepare salad dressing: mix some olive oil, mustard, balsamic vinegar, birchsugar and fresh orange juice
- use it together with yeast-cake dough while paying attention to use sugar for activating the yeast.
- not only lemonades but hot drinks can be flavoured with it: caramellize 1 tbsp birchsugar with 1 tbsp honey and a little water then add 2,5 dl milk to it and mix it as long as it boils and the caramel is melted in the milk.
- mix it with Dutch cacao powder and you have a home-made cacao drink
- the best companion for travels thanks to its small size and to its practical packaging.
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