Responding to the popularity of Birchsugar pudding, here is a new one, called Panna cream pudding which does not require any cooking. Mix it with a small amount of milk or with any other type of milk and it is ready! Don’t waste your time with cooking, reward yourself with Panna cream pudding after a tiring and stressful week day. Its ingredients do not contain gluten, nor added sugar and it is sweetened with Birchsugar which means that it contains less calorie than other desserts. It is a 2 in 1 dessert since either you make a pudding with less milk or a custard or dessert cream with more milk. In cocoa and vanilla flavour.

Kitchen Hints&Tips

- Try it with biscuits or as an ingredient for desserts
- Add more milk to it and use it as a dessert cream or as custard
- Adding some fruits to it makes a delicious dessert
- It is compatible with any type of milk
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